Aesthetic Regenerative Medicine

Adipose tissue, circulating blood, cartilage, skin & hair follicle derived regenerative cells

Dr Patricia A. Zuk’s discovery of multipotent regenerative cells at department where surgeons and regenerative bioengineer collaborate (The Departments of Surgery and Orthopedics, Regenerative Bioengineering and Repair Laboratory) in 2002 at UCLA School of Medicine, Los Angeles, California has opened the gate to a new era of ‘regenerative medicine and surgery’. Here, cells harvested from the patient own fat tissue by an office based procedure are used as a minimally-invasive alternative for anti-aging treatments. Regenerative cells with pluripotent properties that are suitable to utilise in clinical applications have been subsequently harvested from virtually every human tissue with the adipose tissue, circulating blood, cartilage, skin and hair follicle being the most readily available sources of regenerative cells for clinical applications. 

Ahead of his Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery training, Mr Ali Ghanem was one of the first graduates of UCL’s prestigious PhD programme in Developmental and Stem Cell Biology. Subsequently, and applying this knowledge to his International multi-disciplinary academic clinical training in Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, Mr Ghanem applies various clinical systems and technologies that translates the properties of regenerative cells and progenitor cells isolated from several human tissue into a bundle of aesthetic regenerative solutions customised to the aesthetic area, the clients’ conditions and results desired.

Having collaborated, learned and trained with world leaders of regenerative cell biology, regenerative medicine and surgery including Professor Moustapha Hamdi (Brussels, Belgium – Academy’s Honorary Chair), Dr Fahd Benslimane (Casablanca, Morocco), Dr Sydney Coleman (New York, USA), the late Professor Harshad Navsaria (London, UK), Professor Ali Mojallal (Lyon, France), Professor Guy Magalon (Marseille, France), Dr Roger Khouri (Miami, USA), Dr Joseph Choukroun (Nice, France), Professor Rica Tanaka (Tokyo, Japan), Professor Claudio Stern (London, UK) and Professor David Whitmore (London, UK). 

From treating the sign of aging in the face, to hair loss and chronic wounds, these innovative treatments works by taking regenerative cells from one part of the body and injecting them into another  part, such as the face, breasts, scalp, limbs etc with the final desired outcome ranging from volume restoration, scar remodelling, hair growth, accelerated healing, pain control or amelioration of a chronic disease process.  

Progenitor and regenerative cells function in two different mechanisms: from one hand, they are able to divide and differentiate into different types of specialized cells (tissue repair and regeneration role), from another, like platelets, they are a rich source of growth factors and regenerative molecules that enhanced the healing process acting as the conductors and coordinators of body’s healing and regeneration orchestra.  

Common sources of progenitor and regenerative cells used at the ARC include:

Common indications for cell based therapies include*

  • Fine lines and wrinkles (Microlipofilling, iPRF, Micrograft).
  • A non-surgical alternative to a facelift, blepharoplasty, genioplasty (Microlipofilling).
  • Breast augmentation or reconstruction (Structural fat grafting)
  • Correction of nasal deformities (Rhinoplasty & non-surgical nose injections).
  • Treatment of chronic wounds (Microlipofilling, iPRF, Micrograft)
  • Scar remodelling (Microlipofilling, iPRF, Micrograft)
  • Non surgical treatment of scleroderma (Microlipofilling, iPRF)
  • A long lasting autologous alternative to synthetic fillers (Microlipofilling)

At the Aesthetic Regenerative Clinic, your team will discuss with you different evidence-based cell treatment technologies that are CE marked and or FDA approved in order to design a bespoke aesthetic regenerative solution that would fit into your individual needs. 


We are pleased to offer our clients to affordable and frexible finance options to enable you to receive holistic comprehensive aesthetic regenerative treatments. Learn more